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  • Nodejs
  • VuePress 0.x - site
  • Netlify deploy/hosting - site


  • vuepress
  • webpack-dev-middleware (v 3.6.0)

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The name of the team ใ€Ž Disboard ใ€ refers to the novel/original series of No Game No Life. ~for further interest, take a look at the wiki

Therefore, both the logo, internal regulations, designs and concepts are related to the novel/series.

Characters from the series are used as the name/image for each server or service. Each one chosed for a specific reason. Anybody that knows the context can get a little smile if he is able to see the connection. ๐Ÿ˜Š ~check other funny server naming examples

Image Name Background Associated
ใ€Ž Jibril ใ€ Race: Flรผgel

She has a disproportionate love towards knowledge.

Funny character too, as this docs are ?) are they even serious documentation ?)
ใ€Ž Shuvi ใ€ Race: Ex-Machina

She can absorb and process data and intelligence very quickly and act in the appropriate manner, a unique characteristic of her race.
Ex-Machinas are mentally linked and can be considered one entity by conveying information received by each units to clusters.
ใ€Ž Kลซhaku ใ€ Race: Imanity

Kลซhaku wich means "blank", is the online game username and account shared by Sora and Shiro, the main characters of the series.
They hold the top score of over 280 games without having any recorded losses or defeats.

The main purpose of the website is to store and provide stats and organization of all the activity generated by the team. No better name to put to this service !
ใ€Ž Tet ใ€ The One True God

He draggs the main characters into the world of Disboard. He explains them the Ten Pledges, the rules that govern the world.

It looked funny to get a bot named Tet placed above all team members in Discord's server, and being the one to welcome new members and serve information.

Note: first service started being developped
Discord Bot
Undefined Undefined Dashboard
ใ€Ž Izuna ใ€ Race: Werebeast

Status page


Status page

Monitoring of the main project services, using Uptime Robot monitoring tool.

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